What if...  you could wake up each day feeling... deeply energized, authentically vibrant and totally free from body/mind discomfort


It doesn't have to be a faraway fantasy; it could be your reality ... trust me, it's waiting to be unleashed !

Unlock the Dream Life You Deserve !


Living with chronic pain can feel like a never-ending nightmare!  But here's the secret: pain doesn't have to define your life.  Our holistic approach to healing is your key to unlocking the life you've always dreamed of - a life free from the limitations of pain.


We don't just treat the symptoms; we address the root causes of your pain. Our holistic approach encompasses physical, emotional, and mental well-being, ensuring comprehensive healing.

We believe for Miracles.

 Clients regularly heal issues they never thought possible: like confidence-crushing acne, menstrual madness, annoying allergies, chronic pain, maddening migraines and so much more. 



There are three Phases of lasting Transformation...


Which Phase are you currently in?

Dive into the resources we have available to support your transformational journey.

Your future is waiting to be shaped by the choices you make today. Click the button below to explore your options and start your journey toward lasting transformation.


1.) Settle Your Past

If you are experiencing intense bodily sensations, this is an indicator that something from your past is ready to be healed, released and transformed. 

Let's Heal!

2.) Stand in Your Power

You have done the work on healing your subconscious and physical pain and are ready to discover your Soul's Purpose, Gifts & Superpowers.

Live Empowered!

3.) Strategize Your Future

You've healed your body & subconscious pain... You know your Soul's magic and you're ready to manifest your heart's deepest desires!  Let's create magic together!

Let's Manifest!

It's time to write the next chapter of your life, one free from pain and full of dreams coming true.


The life you've imagined is within your grasp, and we're here to help you seize it.

Are you ready to break free from the status quo, embrace your potential, and embark on a journey of lasting transformation?

Look no further – we invite you to explore the endless possibilities of working with us.

The journey to lasting transformation starts with a single decision. By exploring your options with us, you're taking that important first step toward the life you desire and deserve.

We measure our success by your success. Our programs are designed to produce tangible, life-changing results that you can see and feel.


If you are experiencing any sort of unwanted bodily sensation, we can guarantee there is a reason it is showing up.  It comes with a profound message for your evolution.  The issues are in the tissues!

Inside HYLN, you will be equipped with how to navigate pain when it arises and how to use the process of Body-Mind Mapping to transmute pain on the spot! Get ready to experience MIRACLES!

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Imagine feeling so empowered that confidence oozes out of you.  There is something so magnetic about a woman who knows her Soul's Purpose, Gifts and Power. 

Inside DYSS, you will learn how to read your Human Design chart and 'speed-read' other's charts!  This is a key tool for coaches, healers and especially conscious mothers.

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The most magical experience happens in person with other incredible women walking a similar path.  Get ready to meet your true self, set new standards and meet Soul siStars who get you. 

These retreats are personally curated to have the most magical experience.  It is a combination of life-changing conversations, somatic healing, laughter and fun adventure.

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Healing doesn't have to be hard, long or suffer a relapse!


Remember, big lasting breakthroughs can happen fast... as fast as we allow them to!


At Soul Medicine, we have the tools, techniques and processes to give you a shortcut to understanding the messages from your body so you can finally live pain-free now.


We teach you empowerment tools to help know your Soul's Purpose so life can feel deeply meaningful. 


We guide you through powerful manifestation techniques to bring your dreams into reality fast!  Magic happens when we are feeling great!


I'm Nikki Jade! I healed myself of a doctor-diagnosed "lifelong" disease two decades ago and since then I have helped thousands of people rapidly heal themselves and create their wildest dreams.


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"Not only did I heal my food sensitivities, regular stomach pain and rid my big fears, I also healed something I was born with that I never thought was possible."


"I got off my thyroid medication that I was relying on for 36 years! After a year check in, the doctor said my thyroid is thriving. I unlocked my love for life and travel!"


"Before working with Nikki, chronic pain would keep me awake every night.  In just one session, we got to the root and now I am free of pain and can sleep again!"


"I feel like a new person after going through Nikki's program Heal Your Life Now. My skin has improved and I am loving life."


"I am so grateful for Nikki! She has changed m my life in the best way possible. I learned so much about living with presence."


"Working with Nikki has helped me have the biggest breakthroughs. I feel more connected to my husband and children now."

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*  Remember that it's not selfish to prioritize yourself—it's an act of love, both for you and your family.


*  By taking care of yourself, you're ensuring that you can continue to be the loving, nurturing force that your family relies on.


*  You're worth it, and your healing journey is a beautiful gift to both yourself and your loved ones.


*  If you are ready to dive in deep, apply to work directly one-on-one with Nikki Jade.  Expect Miracles!


The journey to lasting transformation starts with a single decision.

By exploring your options with us, you're taking that important first step toward the life you desire and deserve.

After you fill out the application, you will be directed to a calendar page to schedule in your Clarity Call.  We are looking forward to connecting.

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Grab the Cutting Cords Meditation today!

This is for you if you are experiencing heart ache after a break up, or can't seem to move on past your ex-lover, ex-business partner, or if you are a highly sensitive Soul who feels other's energy.

Go ahead and picture yourself pursuing your passions, enjoying life's adventures and savoring each moment without the burden of heartache and pain.

Whether it's traveling the world, pursuing your dream career, or spending quality time with loved ones, your dream life is within reach... we just have to make some space right now for you to receive it all. 

Our 9-minute guided meditation is here to help you start to create more space, more presence and more peace within.